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Check out this video which is on CFDVD0021.  "USS Arizona, Before and After Dec. 7th". We created this film in 2010 from 50 different reels. Stunning to see how upbeat the sailors and how they lived aboard the USS Arizona. Then,  the second half (the sad part) is the destruction of this ship at Pearl Harbor. There is some very rare footage that has rarely been seen in this story. The film ends at the Pearl harbor Memorial. We at CF honor our fallen brothers.  Runtime 13:04 Min's.  CFDVD0021

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USAF MATS Jet Airlift Cargo Planes

  This is a DVD collection of the MSTS USAF All Jet Engine Cargo Planes. From the C-5A Galaxy, to the C--17 GlobemasterIII, to the X-plane XC-14, Plus the famous C-141 Starlifter.  These aircraft worked hard for our nations Military Air Transport Services. We hope you'll enjoy these films, we certainly did. 

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