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Check out this Home Video. We captured 10 minutes of "What's Up Doc",  A  C-47 Skytrain at Apple Valley Airport on 10-12-15. We shortened to 1:43 sec's  From startup to takeoff and finally a great flyby. We hope you'll enjoy!   

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US Navy 1st Super Carrier CV-59 USS Forrestal

 The Forrestal-Class Carrier were the 1st Super Carriers with a length of over 1000 ft, Angled flight deck, and steam catapult. Of the 4 built of this class, these carriers set the standard for all carriers from then on. This DVD includes the story about the mighty USS Forrestal CV-59, plus war activities of the 4th Forrestal-class carrier; USS Independence CV-62, Plus, the Fire Disaster on board July 29th 1967, Where John McCain's plane got caught in the inferno. This collection shows these amazing ships being built, and their daily functioning aboard ship. We hope you will enjoy. 

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